Circle of Life

Our students have had several examples of the circle of life recently. Death can be a topic that adults hesitate to discuss with children, but in truth it is all around us.

In October, we had several examples. Our students carefully planted a small garden of broccoli and kale. But one morning last week we came to school to find that the seedlings had all been butterflyeaten!! We are not sure, but we suspect a rabbit found its way into the playground and had a nice meal. We are sad for our garden, but happy for the rabbit.

Before Halloween, we decorated and carved some pumpkins which, as we all know, soon go rotten. We kept them on the playground for the little scholars to observe them decomposing. We were happy to learn that they attract lots of bugs–including butterflies! One of them (photo at right) was very friendly.

Also last month we received some caterpillars, which we watched form their chrysalis and emerge as butterflies. But, one of the butterflies could not fly away.  “Foldy” was briefly our classroom pet. As butterflies have a short life cycle he recently passed on, but not before Sarah took him out to our flower garden to live his last hours in the sun and wind.

To top it all off, every year we discuss the Day of the Dead, and at our daily meeting we reflect on relatives and pets who have passed on.

Day of the Dead 2016

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