Letter from the Director

Our beginnings in Khuloud's home

Our beginnings in Rick & Khuloud’s home

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Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you for reading this. Just by clicking through to this page, I know that you are interested in education for Austin’s young ones, and I appreciate that.

Now into our third year, this little school is a better place than ever. By June, the end of our second school year, HMS had made up for the start-up expenses of Year 1. I’m pretty happy to be at that point after just two years! But while financial stability is nice, HMS exists to bring Montessori to the North Austin community, and we have taken steps to improve that mission.

Last spring, our enrollment grew to 28 students, and even though we are licensed for 30, Khuloud felt that was just too many children in our space. To alleviate this and further mold the school to Khuloud’s vision, we knocked down a wall (literally!), scaled back enrollment and returned in August with much more space for our little scholars to explore. The result is that this fall has been wonderful. Highland Montessori is stronger than ever, and set up to bring our small-scale Montessori education to Austin children for years to come.

Building for the Future

Building for the Future

More than ever, HMS is dedicated to the art of teaching. With our low, low student-teacher ratio, our teachers are set up to succeed. The Montessori Method is tried and true, and we intend to explore new ways of teaching by remaining current on child development and educational research. By sharpening our teaching skills, we will better serve our community. This video shows some of what has been going on at Highland Montessori, and discussion more of what we hope to do.

None of this would be possible without the support of our community. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. In June, we said good bye to some of our “founding families”—children who were with Khuloud in our house 3 years ago. They are missed, but all of our students do eventually move on. Our Board of Directors has been fantastic: Chloe Love, Caroline Wilson, Vivian Breaux and Matthew Berg. Of course, HMS would not be what it is today without our teachers, past and present. The success of HMS has been a community effort, and we are looking forward to spreading the word of Montessori even further beyond the school walls. I do hope you enjoy this ride along with us.

Rick Weller, Executive Director
December 2015