The caterpillars are here

UPDATE: On Thursday morning (9/7) we found that our first butterfly had emerged, and by the afternoon we had three more! Three more arrived by Friday morning and on Friday afternoon we released them on the playground. (Scroll down for latest pictures.)

On Aug 24, we received 10 caterpillars for our classroom. They ate very fast, grew a lot and on Thursday first one started making its chrysalis. By the end of the day Friday, their were three cocoons, and by Sunday there were nine. (One caterpillar grew much more slowly than the rest, and still remains in the food bowl.) Another chrysalis fell off of the cloth surface to which the others are attached. We are very curious to see what happens to that one, since it is not hanging. Come back here for updates in the next week or two as the butterflies emerge!

Butterfly Book

We love our caterpillars



They larvae are becoming pupae



Saying goodbye to our brief friends…