The Holidays in our Classroom

We love to represent holidays in our classroom. December is perhaps the most obvious example of this, so we thought this would be a good time to explain how these works fit into our Montessori curriculum.


This is a math work that helps the child understand quantities. He is figuring out how many snowflakes he must count out to match the written numeral on the card.


Decorate the Classroom

No December would be complete without decorating the classroom! For this our students are making chain-link garlands–and excellent work for developing motor planning skills: the ability to think through steps logically in order to use fine motor skills. When complete, the child will see the results of the time, concentration and effort on display for the next few weeks.


pouring "Green Tea"

She is pouring ‘Green Tea” into two cups. This Practical Life work helps the children learn about the property of liquid. The child pours equal amounts in each cup, pours from one cup to another, then pours it back into the pot. Precision, focus, and eye-hand coordination are some of the skills this work helps children develop.


Baster transfer of water

When using the baster to transfer water from one container to another, the child works on his concentration, eye-hand coordination, and fine-motor skills. Like many other Practical Life works, this work teaches the child to clean up after themselves and leave the work ready for the next person.


This is a snowman-making work

This is a snowman-making work. Here the child doesn’t just enjoy making a snowman, but he is learning orientational, relational, and spacial awareness. Creativity and narrative fantasy is part of this fun work as well.