At Highland Montessori School we believe in three universal ground rules:

  • kindness in everything we say,
  • gentleness in everything we do, and
  • attentiveness to our environment.

1. We are dedicated to providing an authentic Montessori education in a multi-age classroom. That means the children are offered many opportunities to build independence and social skills. From tending the garden and learning practical life skills to socializing, sharing experiences and appreciating art.

2. We are dedicated to building a close community. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are invited to come share their skills with the children. Whether telling stories, making bread, sewing, arranging flowers, or drumming, all are welcome. It takes a village after all.

3. We are dedicated to reach out for our families. We are not limiting our skills, training, and experiences to our classroom. We are ready to bring our experiences in child education to you. The school offers frequent parenting workshops at no cost to you.

4. We are dedicated to sociability. As many of you who worked with Khuloud know, one of her priorities and strengths is to help children build their social skills. Social coaching is an integral part of our school culture. Peaceful conflict resolution and social skills coaching are as important as reading and Math.

5. We are dedicated to proactive teacher-parent communication. Our team of teachers (no leads, no assistants) seeks to bring a glimpse of the child’s day at school to parents whether by text, phone call, an email, or a quick chat at pick-up. Parents deserve to be connected with their children’s lives at school.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.36.31 PM6. We are dedicated to offer each student an equal opportunity to enjoy classes like soccer, yoga, music, languages, etc. The programs may vary from year to year, but whatever is going on during the school day is available to all students, under a single tuition, no “extras.”

7. We are dedicated to the art of teaching. Through exploring new ways of teaching and new research on child development and education, we aspire to sharpen our teaching skills to better serve our school community.

Yep, we’re a dedicated bunch of educators.

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